Aratana Therapeutics hands in new FDA drug application for its pain blocker for cats

Pet medicine developer Inc () has handed in a new supplemental animal drug application to US regulators for its pain killer NOCITA.

The filing with the US Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Veterinary Medicine comes as the company is looking to introduce NOCITA as a way to numb pain for cats after they’ve been declawed.

The FDA first approved NOCITA back in August of 2016 to cut the pain for dogs who underwent cranial cruciate ligament surgery.

NOCITA works as a local anesthetic by blocking pain signals from nerves; it provides up to 72 hours of pain relief after an operation.

“We believe veterinarians are in need of safe and effective, non-opioid alternatives to provide pain relief to their feline and canine patients,” said Ernst Heinen, Aratana’s chief development officer.

“If the supplemental new animal drug application is approved, NOCITA will help control feline pain for up to 72 hours by blocking pain signals at their source, the nerve,” he added.

Aratana’s shares remained unchanged at US$5.13 in afternoon trade.

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