Mommy Minute: How to use food as medicine for your family

The slogan for the Healthy Living Kitchen in Hummelstown is “Healthy Eating, Healthy Living, Healthy Healing.” 

The owner, Michelle Wohlfarth, and Dr. John Neely live by that slogan.  They are trying to get families to change eating habits and change the way they view food. 


“Food has the ability to heal.  It has the ability to nourish and it has the ability to change someone’s life,” Wohlfarth said.


Wohlfarth wants people to view food as medicine. It’s a concept that isn’t really new.


“The concept goes back to the Greeks and Hippocrates who said ‘let thy food be thy medicine,” Neely said. 


To get back on track and follow that concept, Wohlfarth says to stick with foods on the color of the rainbow.  These are foods that can fight diseases. 


“When you eat a red or blue fruit or vegetable, the anti-oxidants prevent damage to cells. And if you have ongoing cell damage, you will eventually develop cancer,” Neely said.


Neely says orange fruits and vegetables can battle bacteria.  Foods that are yellow and green are anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and cell protectors. 


Wohlfarth says to stay away from white foods like bread and sugar, and skip trans fats.   They can cause inflammation, pack on the pounds and prevent your family from being healthy.  For more about the healthy living kitchen, click here.

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