AMA vows to fight medicine's gender inequity problem

It remains to be seen how much these resolutions spur change—and how quickly—but Williams said it can’t hurt to have the AMA actively working to quash gender inequity in the profession.

“In general, when the AMA speaks, many people listen, Congress listens,” he said. “We might actually get some legislation that says, ‘(Pay disparity) was illegal before but now we’re going to enforce it.’ That would be an interesting twist.”

Having women’s rights on the organization’s radar could also help with research publications in JAMA and its subjournals, such as JAMA Cardiology and JAMA Internal Medicine.

“Just getting it in front of people, things can be fixed,” Williams said. “We don’t have (tuberculosis) sanatoriums anymore, we don’t have iron lungs for polio. This is one of those things that can be fixed.”

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