As California Drug Cost Transparency Law Goes Into Effect, Pharma Companies Cancel, Reduce Planned Increases

The California measure, signed in October by Gov. Jerry Brown, requires pharmaceutical companies to notify insurers and government health plans at least 60 days before planned price increases of more than 16 percent during a two-year period.

Drugmakers Cancel Price Hikes After California Law Takes Effect

A handful of the world’s biggest drugmakers are canceling or reducing planned price increases in the U.S., following a new California drug pricing transparency law and continued political pressure over pharmaceutical costs. The California law, which began to take effect earlier this year, requires drugmakers to give insurers, governments and drug purchasers advance notice of large price increases, as a way of publicly pressuring pharmaceutical companies to keep prices down. In the past three weeks, Novartis AG, Gilead Sciences Inc., Roche Holding AG and Novo Nordisk A/S sent notices to California health plans rescinding or reducing previously announced price hikes on at least 10 drugs. (Elgin, Koons and Langreth, 7/10)

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