Free State's first black industrialists help to create jobs

It has the potential of generating an estimated investment value of R240m over five years.

“We saw a gap in the chemicals industry because most of the big companies operating in South Africa are foreign, so we thought we should come together and start something that is locally based,” Khumalo explained.

Although the founders of the company come from different provinces, Khumalo believes that Kevali Chemicals has a lot of benefits for the community of Harrismith and Free State residents.

The company distributes its products across South Africa as well as in various countries in the African continent including Uganda, Namibia, and Tanzania.

Khumalo said the impact that the company has on the lives of local residents is bigger than job creation.

“Over and above creating jobs for local residents, we have a social investment programme through which we assist township and rural area based women set up small business that specialise in the manufacturing of domestic hygiene and sanitation products,” she said.

She said young entrepreneurs should know that starting a business is never easy but they should not lose heart as they will later enjoy the rewards.

“As an aspirant entrepreneur, you need a strong support structure and a solid plan of what you want to do with their businesses because entrepreneurship is a tough journey. You need to be hungry for it to work out,” she said.

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