How To Order

Step #1:
Find your medications using the search box and add to your cart.

Step #2:
Once you have all the medication that you need in your cart, simply click on the checkout button to complete the payment process.

Step #3:
Send us a copy of your prescription through fax, email or by mail. After you have finished all the above steps then we step in with the following events.


Event #1:
You will receive an email with your order confirmation.

Event #2:
You will receive a call from our support team thanking you for the order that you have placed.

Event #3:
We would like to know how you are sending your prescription to us, as we will not be able to proceed any further without a prescription.

Event #4:
Once we have received your prescription we will give you a confirmation that your credit card and cheque/check have been processed but in case of cheque/check being mailed to us then they will call you once we have received your cheque/check.

PS: All the cheques/checks have to in favor of “CRX Affordable HPS” and all your credit card statement will state as “CRX AFFORDABLE”.

Event #5:
We will email you and call you again after 2 days with your shipping tracking id, we will track your tracking id on a daily basis till you have received your order. Normally it takes 2-3 weeks’ time.

Event #6:
Once you have received your order we will email and call you for your feedback on the entire order experience with us.

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