Medtronic wins FDA nod for new lengths of drug-coated balloon

  • Keystone Electronics touts UL recognized, quick-fit terminals

    Keystone Electronics is touting its UL recognized, male and female, PCB quick-fit terminals, as well as its male rivet mount quick-fit terminals. The quick-fit terminals are designed to withstand repeated mating cycles. The PCB mountable terminals have a Sturdi-Mount design that increases its mounting strength and stability by maintaining the terminal’s perpendicularity to PCBs during […]

  • 5 things medtech manufacturing executives learned from their dads

    Sometimes working for your dad seems like destiny, but taking over the family business wasn’t always the plan. There are many second- and third-generation medtech manufacturers run by executives following in their dads’ footsteps. Here’s what they learned.  Eric Crainich, president and owner of Design Standards (Charlestown, N.H.), was told from a young age that […]

  • Mean Well expands high-performance medical power supply line

    Mean Well recently announced that it has extended its MSP line up to 1000 W with its MSP-1000 series. The MSP-1000 series shares the same mechanism of Mean Well’s MSP-600 series, according to the Fremont, Calif.–based company. The shared mechanism means that customers are able to replace a 600 W power supply with a 1000 W […]

  • GW Plastics increases scientific molding process development capabilities

    GW Plastics recently announced that it has expanded and upgraded its process development and training center in its Royalton, Vt. location. The upgrade allows the facility to develop and debug entire manufacturing cells in a dedicated non-production facility. The expansion takes place during the company’s 20th anniversary of the process development center that received RJG […]

  • Adhesives and medical devices: How to make sure things don’t go wrong

    Too often the adhesive selection for a medical device is left to the end of a project. It doesn’t help that there are so many adhesives as to make the choice overwhelming. With so many potential negative outcomes, here are tips on making the right choice. Tony Kaufman and Del R. Lawson, Critical and Chronic Care […]

  • Traco Power announces 3.5 W medical dc-dc converters

    Traco Power recently announced the release of their TIM 3.5 and TIM 3.5SM families of medical 3.5 W DC/DC converters  — in compact DIP 16 or SMD 16 package that measures only 0.95 x 0.57 x 0.40 in. The new converters are ideal for healthcare products where small size is required and parts are applied […]

  • Here’s how FDA officials think you can legally promote off-label device, drug uses

    The FDA has issued final guidance clarifying what it considers permissible off-label information for device makers and drug companies to convey to potential customers. A pair of guidance documents outlines how medtech and pharmaceutical companies can explain to payors and hospitals how their products can affect outcomes and potentially save money, beyond what the products’ indication with the […]

  • Medtronic warns on external pacemaker issues

    Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) has released an urgent field safety notice warning of issues with a subset of its model 53401 single chamber external pacemakers in which the device may experience an unexpected power on reset. The Fridley, Minn.-based company said that the issue is due to an initial version of the firmware for the device which allowed […]

  • OmniVision touts high definition endoscopic imaging solutions

    OmniVision Technologies is touting some of its latest in endoscopic imaging solutions, including a high definition medical image sensor for endoscopic catheters, an image signal processor, a medical CMOS camera platform for disposable in-office endoscopy and a commercial endoscopic surgery tool prototype with an integrated camera. The imaging solutions are on display at this year’s […]

  • 3M sticks it to non-sticky medical tape

    3M has introduced a non-woven, elastic blend tape that may offer medical device wearers some relief from annoying problems, including wearables losing stickiness and skin irritation. The company says the single-coated tape, called 3M 4077, is water resistant, offers improved stretchiness and air penetration, and can be worn for up to 14 days. It combines adhesive with a […]

  • Zeus acquires MWC Technologies

    Zeus Industrial Products recently announced that it has acquired medical device component manufacturer MWC Technologies (Chattanooga, Tenn.). The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. “Since I founded the company in 1966, Zeus has been focused on continuing to grow and innovate. This acquisition support those goals. We are confident that our acquisition of […]

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