Researchers target clinical trial recruitment challenges with online database

Researchers recently published​ a report in the journal Clinical Trials discussing the Recruitment Research in Clinical triAls (ORRCA) project, which provides a searchable, online database of research relevant to clinical trial recruitment.

“Whilst there is a wealth of published literature addressing recruitment challenges, the mapping exercise shows only a small proportion report nested randomized control trials of recruitment interventions,”​ said corresponding author Anna Kearney. “Consequently, there is little evidence for effective practices.”

Kearney told us the ORRCA project was established in response to the well-documented challenge of recruiting patients to clinical trials.

“Over the last two decades published literature addressing recruitment problems has significantly increased,”​ she explained. “However, navigating this literature is time and consuming and difficult, especially for those looking to identify solutions for a particular trials design or context.”

ORRCA aimed to create a free, online, searchable database for publicly funded and commercial trials to access relevant recruitment research.

“In particular, we wanted to help users identify promising interventions and inform the matching or tailoring of these interventions to specific recruitment challenges faced by different types of trial,” ​Kearney said.

“Mapping the literature also provided opportunities to identify gaps in the evidence base and areas of uncertainty, encouraging collaboration and preventing unnecessary duplication of methodology research,”​ she added.

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