Taking its first steps: Carilion School of Medicine to be the 9th College of Virginia Tech

According to VT News, Virginia Tech Carilion (VTC) will find a new home at Blacksburg on July 1 when the Carilion School of Medicine becomes the university’s ninth college.

In 2007, Roanoke soil proved to be the foundation in which then Carilion Clinic President Charles Steger and CEO Edward Murphy merged their crafts and created the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute. The partnership, Virginia Tech Carilion (VTC), conjoined strengths in bioinformatics and engineering from the research institute with insight from medical professionals from the medical school, and created an environment in which students and educators alike could collaborate.

This process of adding the medical school under the guidance of the university was two years in the making. With Dean Cynda Johnson at the helm, the primary goal was to let Virginia Tech have the ability to award students a medical degree through the university’s Board of Visitors. The process itself has allowed more than 100 people from both the university and the Carilion Clinic to focus on incoming students and the integration’s purpose for them in the future.

Gaining approval to no longer act as an independent institute came with several hurdles to surpass. According to The Roanoke Times, the integration gained approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as well as the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Furthermore, VTC confirmed it was accredited with the right to be a medical school by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in 2014, and it will review its accreditation again in 2019 for a new term, as part of the university this time.

As an independent institute, VTC’s success was measured in graduating five classes since 2010 with 100 percent of its students matching to a residency program. According to VT News, with over 200 alumni all across the country, its success will continue to be tested when it joins the university fully on July 1. This test begins with the class of 2022 that will arrive on the Roanoke campus by the end of July. Forty-two out of the 4,000 students who had applied to the Carilion School of Medicine will lead this project in its first steps.

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